I Want to do Something Awesome

Lately I have been feeling one part worry wort mom and one part pop singer.  No, this is not a declaration that my newest interest is in being the halftime show at the Superbowl (one, because I can not sing and two, because I can not dance) but it is an endorsement for the blind ambition espoused in those songs.  You know the songs, the ones that are stuck in your head for an obnoxious amount of time that even your music snob husband can't help but bop his head to.  Justin Timberlake I'm looking at you and your feeling.  Katy Perry you have me feeling all sorts of firework and eye of the tiger.  And don't even get me started on Rachel Platten because girlfriend I am fighting right along side you.

I just feel like Ignite Inner Balance is destined for something awesome.  I know I have talked about my insatiable optimism before and I how I attempt to balance my expectations but this is different.  This is a blog about positivity, tenacity, and necessity of being humble.  I thrive at the first objective (see the aforementioned blogs) but the second two I leave something to be desired.  Tenacity is not natural to me because I don't believe I have ever truly tried hard at something.  Heads up, if you follow us on Instragram (and you should!!) you will see me try, really try, to get my body healthy for the first time ever and will be doing Amy's amazing 12 week Intuitive Eating weight loss program starting in the new year.  And I want to parlay that necessary tenacity to shift your eating habits into the drive required to not just start a business but make said business successful.  Humility -- for me that is the ability to not just listen to negative feedback but absorb it and allow it to help.  I trust the intent of those that provide said feedback are doing so because they truly want to see this work.  Bring it on then, please.

So what do you do when you have a fire in your belly to be great, a yearning in your heart to spread your mission, and fear in your brain trying to rationalize putting this on the back burner until kids are older and life is calmer?  YOU KEEP GOING.  I will continue to blindly email people, awkwardly hand out our business card, and picking the brains of all the smart, caring, and talented people in our lives.  One day Amy and I will read this blog and share it with other motivated for greatness people as a way to say you can do it too.  But until that day I will remember my promise to myself today: be patient, be humble, be persistent.