Welcome From Carly

Well here we go, on the precipice of something truly awesome and all of you are along for the ride!  But first, a little background on how we got here... 

When I was 16 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer (don't worry, this story is not going some where sad so dry those eyes folks) she spent a year in treatment -- both surgical and chemo -- and I was home to witness it all.  Yes it was challenging seeing your mom sick but I was sheltered from the harshness of cancer by a strong older brother who took literal care of her (and me!), nurturing father who hung up his doctor hat in exchange for dad and husband, and an older sister who is my constant steady hand in life.  So what I remember from the big C was the intimacy of rest with someone who is in forced stillness and the power of your sense of self.  Sense of self is tricky as it morphs throughout our lives depending on the many roles we adopt and grow in to. But there are constants to sense of self and those can best be described as play, recreation, and leisure.  Why are these constant?  Well thru these mediums you define who you are by choosing what you want to do, who you want to be surrounded by, and what makes you feel good.  Sense of self as I saw it for my mom was her going to the gym throughout treatment if for nothing else to feel like Penny at the gym, not Penny with cancer.  Her identity had morphed into cancer patient and that was a not an identity she wanted to wear nor let it define her SENSE OF SELF.  Now before you imagine a Herculian creature at the gym -- bald, eyebrow less, boob less, and doing dead lifts -- I will shoot you straight and tell you most days she just stretched with her trainer.  But that CHOICE to go to the gym and be Penny was empowering and for me put me on a path of professional discovery that I am still on.  

Fast forward many years (16 to be exact, yes she is very much a survivor) I have completed my BS from University of Vermont, my EdM from Temple University, clinical internship at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and a myriad of certifications both movement and coaching based (throw in a wonderful husband and two rockstar sons in there too).  Most recently I worked in a large hospital system providing wellness programming for patients and staff and still felt unsatisfied.  I knew there was a better way to get my message out there: empower yourself despite circumstances through play, recreation, and leisure to avoid secondary health conditions.  Yes you got sick, yes you got hurt, yes life is out of our control -- so get that control back, enable yourself with the tools for resiliency through SENSE OF SELF.  Then after much (much!) encouragement I decided to do it and start a business.  And as these things have a way of doing, I met Amy just as I was getting myself psyched up.  Serendipitously she was feeling the same restlessness and it all just clicked.

Ignite Inner Balance was a carefully chosen name for our business as it weaves together our intention to IGNITE your passion in wellness, build your INNER strength and resiliency, and approach life with BALANCE.  These three words are our driving mission in all program development, counseling sessions, and retreats.  We want  you to leave us feeling empowered -- a catalyst for wellness has been set in motion.  Wellness is fluid and it meets you where you are so allow us to join you in mind, body, and spirit as we continue morphing and defining our sense of self.