Welcome From Amy

Hi All!  Welcome to Ignite Inner Balance and thank you for following and supporting us in our journey to bring balance and wellness to everyone within our reach! For my first blog post, I would like to share with you the journey that put me on the path and ignited my passion for sound nutrition. 

So, some background. Growing up, I ate a relatively healthy, meat and potato-typical American diet. I never thought too much about healthy vs. unhealthy. As many a story goes, I found myself gaining the steriotypical "Freshmen 15". Of course at first I just thought the dryer was shrinking my clothes, but in fact, all of the eating with abandon caught up to me. I needed to fit back into my clothes ASAP and that started some serious diet destruction.  I tried every quick fix under the sun which included taking diet pills, drinking canned shakes, eating terrible packaged diet program foods, juice detoxes, eating chemically enhanced foods, eliminating entire food groups, etc....Many of these methods worked for a while and I quickly lost the weight, but my relationship with food was so unhealthy. The side effects of all these diets were mood swings and feelings of guilt and shame. I had serious food fear. This is all easy to talk about now as I have been a nutrition professional for nearly 10 years, and that person almost feels like a fictional character, but at the time I felt desperate. All the food craziness didn't bode well with my free spirit, live life to the fullest personality. That is when I chose my major as nutrition and dietetics and decided to educate myself. I started putting into practice what I was learning; eating nutrient dense foods and understanding all of the health benefits of choosing fresh, real food. Finally, I was back to eating real food, like fruits, veggies, legumes, grains, lean meats, even dairy, instead of chemically enhanced, fat free/no sugar added garbage. It was liberating. So elementary, yet somehow shocking. Real, fresh delicious food made me feel great and kept my weight in check. No counting calories or worrying about every bite  going into my mouth! I became so impassioned that I just have to share my love for real food with everyone I meet! Food is meant to be fun and to enhance your life. Sometimes a salad is satisfying, and sometimes you just need a piece of cake, but the key is finding your inner balance and getting to the point where you trust yourself to make healthy choices and you forgive yourself when you don't. I can help you find that! 

On Carly's previous post she used the word Serendipity. I love that word. Just as I was searching for a way to further share my passion for healthy eating and living, I met Carly. She is fabulous.  We share similar philosophies and have joined forces to help you create a feeling of balance and well being. We look forward to helping as many people as we can. Life is hard and wonderful. Self care and a strong, healthy inner voice will help you through the hard and make you fully appreciate the wonderful.