What is "Well"

Wellness -- what a tremendously loaded word full of internal and external expectations both emotional and physical and sometimes unmeasurable.  Honestly, just reading that sentence makes my heart skip a beat, my mind race, and the struggle of trying with the potential of failure or not trying at all immediately starts.

Amy and I have an ongoing (and going and going) discussion on what is means to be well and we always come back to keeping it fun, keeping it about you, and keeping it balanced.  Ok so if reading that gives you the same response I had earlier, let me break it down.  Instagram and Facebook are powerful tools.  There are countless studies done now on the effect of social media on our body image and self worth that fuel our basic human nature of competition.  We are at an intersection in our lives where we are becoming ever increasingly interconnected and disconnected at the same time.  I know when and where someone bought the cute bag I have been coveting, I know their dogs name, and most likely their favorite drink.  But I do not know their story, their history, or truly who they are.  How dangerous is this form of deception?  Well if you ask me, in my very humble opinion, if you are looking for something in social media beyond a funny gif, outfit inspiration, or a cool sounding recipe to cook -- it is very toxic. Everything is contrived, filtered, hashtaged, and edited just right -- ultimately creating a sense of authenticity and fun with just a glimmer of truth.  

Guys, I'm not going off of social media.  Its not realistic for me and honestly I don't want to.  I like these faux images of real moments -- they inspire everything from my table decor to a thought provoking quote I otherwise would not have known.  Again, they are powerful tools for the community of thought it creates as well as the internal response they illicit.  There is a rash of wellness blogs now (even my 64 year old father sent me an article from the New York Times to teach me about how we should brand ourselves to stand out) and they are curated with perfect "fauxpection".  They are full of #girltribe  and #yougotthis that are reminiscent of my sorority days where I was fortunate enough to have very predictable problems.  They are fun in the flirty sense -- one size fits our size, our idea, our image of wellness.  Not YOUR size, YOUR idea, YOUR image of wellness.  Not everyone aspires to float in the middle of a pool on a giant unicorn, after finishing barre, and perfecting the selfie with your rose.  I'm guilty of all those things so, again, I am not going off of social media (insert self deprecating shudder).  But we need more FUN in wellness.  We need more of YOU in wellness.  

We know we need to be "well" -- but first we need to define well.  For me?  Wellness is resiliency.  It is healthy habits that pick me up when I fall.  It is knowing after a crap morning with my kids where Plan A of working out is ruined because of baby puke and Plan B of shower is gone because of time limits so Plan C of a forced nap on said pukey baby and coffee is the best choice  because it allows me to reset my mind and body so I can continue on with my day. Healthy habits build will power so on your crap day you don't eat the cookie just because you are stressed.  Healthy habits make that cookie fun and enjoyable at a celebration.  Wellness is your security blanket -- knit your blanket with your favorite color and style so it wraps you the way you need when you need it most, not just floating on your unicorn.

Wellness is not a one size fits all antidote, it is not the latest diet trend or exercise group.  It is about looking inside of yourself and finding what works for you and developing the skills necessary to make it feel good.  Knitting that blanket takes time and effort but the reward is constant comfort even in the face of adversity.  Want a knitting buddy?  Contact us, we want to help you.